Global Intrathecal Drug Delivery Systems Market Expected To Grow By 5.2%


Global Intrathecal Drug Delivery Systems Market

Absolute Markets Insights Announces New Addition of Informative Report titled Intrathecal Drug Delivery System Market. This statistical report sheds light on the existing scenario of the market to understand the various stages from top to bottom of companies. It highlights past profit margin records and also predicts future growth in the coming year. This informative study should guide new entrants as well as existing key players in the health sector.

The intrathecal drug delivery (IDD) system is useful in the treatment of intractable (uncontrollable) pain. The IDD system is used to provide medical treatment to patients who have medical conditions that make their health so fragile that patients have no choice of other treatment. Medical treatment with IDD requires a highly specialized team that can ensure not only appropriate selection, but also safety criteria. The major factor driving the growth of the global intrathecal drug delivery systems market is the increasing prevalence of cancer worldwide. Due to the prevalence of cancer, the demand for IDD system is increasing. Greatly improved analgesia is also expected to drive the market growth. The less harmful effects of the IDD system compared to traditional opioid-based treatments (using morphine and drugs like morphine), make it a preferable option for pain management and many types of medical treatment.

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Business profiles of top level companies have been profiled to gain precise and detailed knowledge of top level companies. It includes several online and offline activities to quickly grow businesses. Some important brand promotion strategies, sales strategies and advertising strategies were mentioned in the research report. North America, Latin America, Asia Pacific, Africa and Europe were analyzed on the basis of various business parameters such as investment, financial budget and profit margin.

The major key pillars of business such as driving factors are worked out to understand the possible reasons for the growth of the market. Apart from that, it focuses on the limiting factors that help to understand and deal with the risks and challenges facing businesses. However, the strategies employed by the various prosperous industries have been clearly examined. Various segments and sub-segments have been developed in a descriptive manner.
Some of the major players operating in the global intrathecal drug delivery systems market are Alcyone Lifesciences, B. Braun Melsungen AG, Flowonix, Medtronic, Smiths Group PLC and Tricumed Medizintechnik GmbH.

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Main conclusions of the report:
• The global intrathecal drug delivery systems market was valued at US $ 900.96 million in 2020 and is expected to reach US $ 1,415.96 million by 2030, with a CAGR of 5.2% during the forecast period (2021 – 2030)
• In order to cope with the increase in cancer cases, the intrathecal drug delivery system has been shown to be more efficient than oral drugs. As a drug delivery platform, the pump delivers a variety of drugs to treat inevitable cancer pain. The system allows the immediate release of the drug into the fluid surrounding the spinal cord and reaches the nerves responsible for the perception of pain.
• Intrathecal drug delivery systems relieve pain by infusing drugs directly into the cerebrospinal fluid. An IDD system includes the mechanical device that stores the analgesic drug and the catheter that infuses it. Analgesic intrathecal infusion has been treating patients with chronic pain for over 20 years. It is refractory to many conventional therapies.
• Global players in the intrathecal drug delivery systems market are increasingly investigating the efficacy of intrathecal drug delivery for non-cancerous diseases in individuals. Medtronic, for example, has conducted clinical trials to study the impact of intrathecal administration of drugs for the treatment of chronic non-malignant primary low back pain.
• Patients are increasingly opting for targeted drug delivery options, particularly in advanced economies where this system is better known. At the same time, companies are increasingly trying to reduce the complications associated with intrathecal administration of drugs.
• In 2020, North America was the largest regional market in the Global Intrathecal Drug Delivery Systems Market. Factors such as technological advancement, advanced medical facilities, availability of better healthcare facilities, and the presence of many key market players have contributed to the region’s higher share in the global market.

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Global Intrathecal Drug Delivery Systems Market:
• By offering
o Pump
o Catheter
o Trays and Kits
o Others

• By type
o Pain management
 Smart
 Not smart
o Management of spasticity

• By end user
o Hospital
o Clinics
o Outpatient surgical centers
o Others

• By drugs
o Morphine
o Ziconotide
o Baclofen
o Non-opioid drugs, such as resiniferatoxin
o Others

• By clinical indications
o Chronic back and neck pain
o Sciatica
o Chronic abdominal pain
o Failure of back and neck surgery
o Central nervous system
o Cancer
o Reflex sympathetic dystrophy or complex regional pain syndrome
o Others

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