Gift Club Launches Exclusive Business Directory and FIRST Networking App for Global Loyalty, Rewards and Gift Card Sectors



LONDON – (BUSINESS WIRE) –#consumerrewards–The Gift Club today announced the launch of its exclusive Supplier / Supplier Directory and the industry’s first networking app, The Hub by The Gift Club.

The Gift Club Business Directory currently lists over 50 approved vendors from 23 different countries that provide products and services to businesses seeking solutions in customer or employee loyalty and incentive programs, rewards for them. employees and the sale and distribution of gift cards. Brands, retailers and HR professionals can visit to view the list or contact to be introduced directly, saving time in the procurement process.

The Hub is a new community app that complements the Gift Club’s goal: it’s a piece of social community technology, for people with specific interests in the above industries to meet and build professional opportunities around the world.

The app also features industry news, offers learning resources and hosts a list of global industry events and is available for download on iOS and Android. For more information, visit

Hadie perkas, Founder of The Gift Club and winner of The Hub and Women Incentives 2021, said: “This is an extremely important time for the retail and human resources industries and their vendor supply chain and of suppliers. They experienced seismic change during the pandemic and we want to provide both professional communities with opportunities for partnerships, networking and conversation as one community. TO FINISH

About the Gift Club: The Gift Club was formed in 2020 and is marketed worldwide as a comprehensive media, communications and public relations solution for businesses associated with the gift card, loyalty and rewards markets. As a membership organization, The Gift Club offers members a combination of marketing solutions to promote their services and products on different channels so that they can be heard, seen and found more easily and in the world. The audience of the Gift Club is in the 1000’s with new business partnerships being created all the time. To find out how to join The Gift Club or register your interest in one of our suppliers, contact or visit

Notes to Editors:

The Hub is a community application and was developed by a third-party technology company, Disciple Media

The application launched on November 29, 2021

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