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Batavia City Council passed a resolution late Wednesday to enter into an agreement with 570 DAB 30, LLC (Benderson Development LLC) to install future sidewalks on Lewiston Road between Park Road and Veteran’s Memorial Drive.

Benderson Development plans to build a 4,000 square foot restaurant with drive-thru and a bypass that will be located in the southwest corner of the former Kmart parking lot at 8363 Lewiston Road. They will also construct a 6,752 square foot retail/restaurant building with a 2,000 square foot coffee shop with drive-thru that will be located in the southeast corner of the premises.

Building and zoning approvals have been granted by the town planning council of the city of Batavia, subject to the installation of sidewalks by the owner.

According to Assistant Town Supervisor Dan Underhill, the developer has agreed to pay for the installation of sidewalks on the north side of the Lewiston Road if a sidewalk district is formed by the City of Batavia. Underhill says this is the first sidewalk neighborhood in the city of Batavia. Currently, there is no timeline as to when the sidewalks will be installed as the formation of the sidewalk neighborhood is still being developed by City engineers. Underhill was unsure if sidewalks on the south side of Lewiston Road would be included in the sidewalk district, as businesses on that side of the road will need to be notified when the new sidewalk district is created.


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