General Dynamics to Deliver Prototype Hammerhead Anti-Submarine System to US Navy


According to a contract released by the United States Department of Defense on September 30, 2021, General Dynamics Mission Systems, Fairfax, Va., Is awarded a $ 92,931,647 contract at a fixed price and at a firm fixed price to design, test and deliver Hammerhead Prototype items and other related equipment.
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The Mark 54 Lightweight Torpedo is the weapon component of the Hammerhead Underwater Mine System. (Image source US Navy)

General Dynamics mission systems will deliver a prototype of the Hammerhead system for detecting and engaging anti-submarine warfare targets, the Department of Defense said on Thursday, September 30, 2021.

The cost-plus, firm-price contract, with a base value of $ 92.9 million, also includes items and equipment associated with Hammerhead technology.

Almost half of the contract work will be performed at sites in Massachusetts, with the remainder being performed in Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, Connecticut, Nebraska, and Minnesota, through September 2023. Efforts could be stalled. continue until September 2026 if all options are exercised.

Hammerhead, also known as the “encapsulated effector”, is designed to destroy anti-submarine assets. It is designated as both a mid-level rapid prototyping acquisition program and a Navy maritime accelerated acquisition program, the statement said. These designations give the program certain powers to streamline procurement.

The new Hammerhead Mine is designed to watch the seabed, listening for telltale signs of enemy submarines. Once an enemy passes, Hammerhead unleashes a homing torpedo that tracks down and destroys the offending submarine. Placed in the path of enemy ships, sea mines can slow passage through vital areas or completely prohibit transit. Sea mines are also difficult to detect, and underwater explosions caused by their detonation can cause serious, sometimes fatal, damage to a ship’s hull.

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