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MELBOURNE – October 2, 2021 – The sci-fi RTS title Fall of the border by local Australian independent developer Stutter Fox Studios is participating in Melbourne International Games Week, a celebration of digital games including talks, events and activities hosted by Creative Victoria. The festival is currently taking place in an online format on Steam.

In Fall of the border players explore vast star systems filled with planets, moons, asteroid fields and nebulae. The game includes a detailed information system, complete with reconnaissance stations, scout ships and probes, each with tradeoffs in choosing between active and passive scanning modes. There is no global resource system, and instead all raw materials and supplies must be delivered where they are needed. The logistics system extends to the supply of combat ships, and a strike force that neglects to protect its supply lines or is cut off in enemy territory may find itself without adequate ammunition to defend itself or fuel to escape, or , in the extreme, with a slowly starving crew in the void of space.

Stutter Fox Studios is made up of Melbourne solo developer Todd D’Arcy. Fall of the border is the studio’s first title, and earlier this year it won the E3 2021 award for the most anticipated indie game.

Fall of the border is published by Hooded Horse and will be released in late 2021 for PC. It is available to be listed on Steam.

A press kit is available. For press inquiries, please contact [email protected].

About Falling Frontier™:
Fall of the border is a Sci-Fi Real Time Strategy game developed by Stutter Fox Studios and published by Hooded Horse. Players explore and conquer a vast procedurally generated star system where information and logistics are the deciding factors. Falling Frontier is slated for release in late 2021 on PC and can be found on Steam.

On Fox Studios ™ stuttering:
Stutter Fox Studios is a development studio in Melbourne, Australia dedicated to creating innovative strategy games. Stutter Fox Studios is currently developing the real-time strategy game Falling Frontier. Stutter Fox Studios can be found on their website, Twitter, Youtube or Discord.

About Hooded Horse ™:
Hooded Horse Inc. is a strategy, simulation, and role-playing game publisher based in Dallas, Texas. Hooded Horse is the editor of Terra Invicta, developed by Long War mod creators Pavonis Interactive; Alliance of the Sacred Suns, developed by KatHawk Studios; and Falling Frontier, developed by Stutter Fox Studios. Hooded Horse can be found on its website, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Discord or Steam.

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