Gadget Raises $ 8.5 Million Under Sequoia Leadership to Build Developer Productivity Stack



The founders who are former Shopify executives to extend Gadget’s product development team, creating a complete serverless stack for ecommerce developers to start, build and scale applications faster

OTTAWA, Ontario – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Gadget, the developer productivity company founded by two former Shopify executives, today announced the closing of an $ 8.5 million funding round led by Sequoia Capital and Bessemer Venture Partners. Other investors included Greg Brockman, Co-Founder and CTO at OpenAI, Koen Koppen, CTO at Klarna, Solmaz Shahalizadeh, Head of Data Science and Engineering at Shopify, and several industry leaders with deep expertise in electronic commerce.

As the demand for software continues to accelerate, more and more e-commerce developers find themselves wasting time with repetitive, boilerplate jobs. From setting up and managing the infrastructure to building undifferentiated features like authentication, search, and notifications, they’re burdened with an ever-growing list of tasks that are necessary, but not enough, to create an offering. convincing. The result is far too many unexplored ideas and unfinished projects.

Gadget solves this problem by bringing together the tools, libraries, APIs, and best practices of the most experienced engineers, assembling them into one experience, and delivering it to ecommerce developers right off the bat. They can define their data models and write code while accessing a set of advanced primitives, such as built-in state machines, automated access control, instant API generation, integrations to others. SaaS platforms, and much more. By doing this, Gadget gives ecommerce developers a unique and highly integrated experience so that they can focus on adding real value.

“We’re excited to use this funding to build Gadget’s product roadmap to address the biggest issues holding back e-commerce developers,” said Harry Brundage, CEO and co-founder of Gadget. “As developers ourselves, we know how demotivating it can be to get bogged down, building a feature you’ve already built thousands of times before, instead of focusing on the real problem. user. Gadget gives ecommerce developers time back so they can start, build, and scale apps in a fraction of the time it takes today.

The company will use the funds to publicly launch its full serverless stack and connect with popular third-party APIs, starting with Shopify, to further simplify the app development experience. By focusing initially on the e-commerce giant, co-founders Harry Brundage and Mohammed Hashemi can tap into their wealth of knowledge, products and engineering expertise with the company.

“Software development is reaching a tipping point,” said Mike Vernal, partner at Sequoia. “As we expect more from the software we use, developers need more of the tools they build with in order to keep pace with the demands. Gadget’s platform delivers on its promise to help ecommerce developers create scalable software, incredibly quickly. We’re excited to see the team bring this vision to Shopify app developers and beyond.

“We see in Gadget a new approach to a long-standing problem, which offers the potential for dramatically improved productivity for e-commerce developers,” said Jeremy Levine, partner at Bessemer Venture Partners. “We look forward to supporting them in this mission and we are confident that countless great ideas, effective applications and great companies will emerge. ”

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Gadget is an Ottawa, Canada-based developer productivity company that helps ecommerce developers get rid of endless chores and tedious tasks so they can build better software, faster. The complete serverless stack allows ecommerce developers to seamlessly blend their code with Gadget’s custom building blocks, and with its highly integrated experience, Gadget gives ecommerce developers their time back so they can focus on the work of the highest value.


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