Fairfield Holland Hill School project is under budget


FAIRFIELD – The Holland Hill School expansion project officially came to an end with the disbandment of the building committee this week.

“I am proud to announce that the Holland Hill project is complete,” Jason Li, the chairman of the construction committee, told the selectmen on Monday in his final report.

the committee was created in early 2016 to oversee the elementary school expansion project, which increased enrollment capacity from just over 300 to 504, eliminating the need for mobile classrooms.

City approved organizations $ 18.5 million for the project in 2017 and innovated in 2018. The presentation at the time said the work would add five classrooms, as well as a new general music room, new lockers for fourth and fifth graders in addition, resource rooms for special education, a larger kitchen and a new instrumental music performance / classroom platform. space.

He also enlarged the central office area to allow controlled access for visitors and a nursing office. As part of the project, all toilets are now Americans with Disabilities Act compliant. According to previous reports, all existing lockers have been replaced and a new gym floor has been installed.

On Monday, Li said the work also expanded the north parking lot and added new furniture. He installed a new HVAC system so that there was fresh air and air conditioning throughout the building. There are also new electricity, fir and gas pipes, as well as new service lines in the cafeteria.

“We were fortunate to have completed this project before the COVID pandemic hit,” he said.

He said they plan to return $ 115,000 to the city with the under-budget project and include everything in the upfront costs.

Li said all systems were now online and the city had taken control of the building.

Elected officials congratulated Li and the committee for the project, the hard work of all members, and for getting it done within budget.

Selectman Thomas Flynn also suggested that the city commemorate the late Harry Ackley and Thomas quinn, who both served on the construction committee and were influential in the success of the project.

“Mr. Ackley has done everything for the city, but Mr. Quinn, when it comes to the building committees, chaired a lot and done so much for the students of this city,” he said. Maybe there is something appropriate there to honor these two men. “

Li also credited Quinn for everything he did and said the Parents’ Association created a garden in his memory.

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