Eastlawn development plans edge closer to Midland housing project


A project to revitalize part of the Midland City area for current homeowners is a step closer to expanding housing opportunities within the city limits.

Eastlawn’s purchase deal with River Caddis Development was approved for $650,000 at Monday’s regular Midland Public School Board meeting. Once the development agreement is complete, plans will be released to give neighbors an idea of ​​future property developments. Some Midland residents may be familiar with the developer’s work on the East End property, which sits across from the Dow Diamond in downtown Midland.

District Superintendent Michael Sharrow said the project is a win for the entire Midland community.

“They’re targeting young professionals, the $40 to $80,000 (income) range,” he said. “It’s a property that nobody collects taxes on, so now there are seven acres… which (will bring) income.”

Last summer, the district and community partners began the outreach process to connect with the public, which raised some concerns about home values ​​in the surrounding neighborhood. The site is located near 115 Eastlawn Drive, where Eastlawn Elementary was built in 1947. The school was demolished by MPS as part of a district-wide modernization and realignment of facilities in 2020.

“Now when we recruit teachers in the Midland area, they will see new housing,” Sharrow said, adding that the state faces a shortage of teachers in addition to a lack of access to housing. affordable.

Midland Public Schools Administrative Center. (Daily News file photo)

Despite some concerns shared last summer, the project is expected to be an upgrade of the currently untaxed land.

Sharrow said he anticipates an increase in the value of surrounding homes.

The district worked with community partners, the City of Midland and the Midland Area Community Foundation, to enable redevelopment of the Eastlawn site, in a way that meets community access and needs, during the previous summer. The intent of the project aligns with each of the organizational goals to serve people with different income levels.

In other matters, the school board welcomed the following new recruits, effective August 15, to the district:

  • Primary school teachers Rachel Jones, Emily Stewart, Katherine Condon, Kirsten Joy-Cochran, Meghan Szilagyi, Amy Idzior, Madson Seegraves, Laura Brown
  • Middle and high school teacher David Grollimund
  • Middle school teacher Daniel Jordan
  • Karen Muma, SEL II specialist, starting July 21.

Sharrow said the integration of talent supply in the industry was weak. He also said that there were between 20 and 30 teachers, who retired or left the district, at the end of the year.

On Monday, the board of directors also took note of the resignations and retirements:

  • Plumber Richard Stevens’ retirement takes effect July 29
  • Midland High School teacher Christopher Rusher has quit
  • Jefferson Middle School teacher Jessica Harris quits
  • Madeline Vallazza, teacher at Woodcrest Elementary, has quit
  • Even Welter, paraprofessional at Central Park Elementary, quit

The district is planning outreach events for support staffing opportunities, including positions for paraprofessionals, substitute paraprofessionals, substitute teachers, and substitute bus drivers. The district will host a job fair from 1 to 4 p.m. on August 2 at the administration office.

The next regular meeting of the Midland Public School Board will be at 7 p.m. on August 15 at 600 E. Carpenter Street in Midland.

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