East Haven memorial brick project back on track after pandemic delay


EAST HAVEN – Supply chain issues and a change in suppliers have delayed part of the Town Green beautification project, but the carved bricks for the walkway part are back on track, according to the mayor.

Mayor Joseph Carfora provided an update on the status of the project after receiving calls from residents seeking information about the engraved bricks they had purchased.

Residents in the spring of 2021 had been asked to purchase a paving brick engraved with a family name or in honor of a loved one as part of the beautification project, with plans for the bricks to be installed this spring .

But the pandemic and related issues have affected the timeline for the project, Carfora said in a Facebook post.

Carfora wrote that the original plan was to have the bricks engraved locally, but that has changed.

“The original supplier had a major supply issue which was beyond our control and which subsequently caused us to transfer our orders to another supplier,” Carfora wrote. Pallets of bricks were moved to New Jersey after the city found a new supplier who could take on the project on little notice, the post read.

The city works with PaverArt, a manufacturer from Lindenwold, NJ, for the mass production of the bricks.

“This new company has been amazing to work with and has kept us up to date,” Carfora wrote. “All bricks will be completed by the end of May and we hope to announce a date in early June to celebrate the ‘Walk East Haven’ beautification project and place the engraved bricks for all to see.”

A celebration will include the placement of bricks, as well as leftover plaques for the pews that have arrived, according to the post.

“Supply and demand in all aspects have been affected due to Covid,” the mayor wrote. “We see it every day in our own lives.”

Bricks can still be ordered from the mayor’s office; for more information, call 203-468-3204.


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