DreamView’s creative studio “Pholio” chosen as lead developer to create the playable world of Chibi Dinos



Pioneering visual effects and metaverse content company brings NFTs to life in a mobile app experience that includes competitive basketball and role-playing adventure

SAN FRANCISCO – (BUSINESS WIRE) –#NFT–DreamView ™, a globally scalable creative strategy and content solutions company and its branded direct creation studio, Pholio, have been selected to create a playable universe for Chibi Dinos, 10,000 NFTs generated from uniquely, which includes a competitive game to win basketball game called Primordial hoop and an adventure role-playing game called Chibi Adventures. Pholio is made up of DreamView’s production manager, Jared Sandrew; executive producer, Ian Dawson and creative director, Jonah Hall.

“We are thrilled with this opportunity to create the Chibi Dinos playable universe,” said Nathaniel Hunter, CEO of DreamView. “We believe in the project. The founder of the digital community and the real world Sean Kelly and what the Chibi Dinos team have already built is pretty amazing. It’s a great concept and we’re excited to help the Chibi Dinos get their first metaverse experiences.

A Chibi Dino is one of 10,000 uniquely generated stylized 2D characters made up of randomly combined strokes in mint condition with 3D rendered characters that will be released in 6-8 weeks. No two Dinos are alike. In Primal Hoop, the Chibis all play on one of ten different Dino-themed basketball teams led by real-world professional NBA / WNBA players.

“We went through a full bidding process when reviewing the development of the Primal Hoop game and after reviewing dozens of submissions, we were confident to choose DreamView as our lead developer,” said Sean Kelly, Founder by Chibi Dinos. “Not only was it their track record of creating innovative mobile games in and out of the NFT space, but it was the leadership of the company that got us hooked. It’s rare in this NFT space to work directly with a CEO on a project that is still in its early stages like ours.

Chibi Dinos has also partnered up with Victory Square Technologies Inc.’s holding company GameOn Entertainment Technologies Inc., implying that Chibi Dinos is using GameOn’s NFT prediction game product to give their 10,000 digital dinos a use. in games. Chibi Dinos also collaborates with ProTrending on a range of derivative products. Chibis are available for purchase with Ethereum on the OpenSea NFT marketplace.

About Chibi Dinos

Chibi Dinos LLC is an NFT and entertainment ecosystem that creates unlimited utility and gaming opportunities to gain competition, community engagement, and general fun and excitement. Chibi Dinos is your guide through the bridge between the metaverse and the real world, offering countless experiences to be discovered on both sides.

About DreamView

DreamView is a globally scalable technology company that delivers creative strategies and content solutions to businesses large and small around the world. By creating dynamic, immersive, sustainable and endlessly reusable digital content and experiences, DreamView continues to revolutionize the creation, management, distribution, licensing and monetization around their clients’ products, thus disrupting the fundamental fabric. and the future of digital content. Founded by the same visionaries who pioneered CGI, visual effects and 3D technologies that have been harnessed in many of the biggest blockbusters, AAA games, and big-brand campaigns, the DreamView team spans across decades of experience to reinvent the way to visually and virtually represent reality (and beyond). The team takes pride in the rapid and cost-effective production of hyper-real, high-quality, scalable experiential content for global leaders who have entrusted them with the task of capturing, improving and evolving their product / customer experience. . DreamView’s proprietary ImageEngine Technology ™, cloud-based, scalable production solutions and elastic content delivery infrastructure have dramatically reduced costs and speed to market for their customers. With its brand-centric approach and compulsive ability to innovate, DreamView bridges the gap in how and where virtual goods are represented in the real world, in the digital space – and everywhere in between. To learn more, visit https://www.DreamView.com


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