Developer envisions rooftop parking lot and restaurant in downtown Shelton



A developer who received approval from the Planning and Zoning Commission several years ago to build apartments on the corner of Coram Avenue and Center Street is seeking to alter plans for the removal of residential units. The new proposal includes retail and restaurant spaces and five-level parking.

The developers’ request to alter the already existing planned development district for the property, listed as 62-66 Center St. and 325 Coram Ave., is on the committee’s agenda on Wednesday, when the panel is expected to hold a public hearing.

Many residents, business owners and commission members have expressed concern about the lack of downtown parking. Some have even suggested that a parking garage could be the solution.

The property is a 0.48 acre site that includes the building that once housed Jeff’s Appliance and a home.

The plan calls for 2,800 square feet of retail space with 18 parking spaces, then five levels of parking, which, depending on demand, will be for public use with restricted spaces for downtown tenants and businesses. , which would rent spaces.

In total, there would be 162 parking spaces in the structure, which would include a rooftop restaurant/cafeteria with a 6,237 square foot indoor restaurant and 4,338 square feet of rooftop dining space.

The original PDD received approval from the Planning and Zoning Commission in 2019 and called for the replacement of the existing structures with a five-storey building with 42 apartments, a ground floor restaurant with covered terrace and parking two-storey interior for 44 vehicles. .

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