Developer donates nearly 400 acres to Montgomery County for new park and community center


Johnson Development Co. has donated 391 acres to Montgomery County, and Ward 2 Commissioner Charlie Riley plans to develop the land into a park with a new natural and community center.

Commissioners unanimously approved the deal on Tuesday.

The land is in the Woodforest development off Fishcreek Thoroughfare.

“We worked on that and we finally got everything worked out and the documents ready to be signed,” Riley said.

Riley said the plan is to keep the land natural with some upgrades for a new park, community center and nature center.

“We’re going to make this a top-notch destination for the residents of Compound 2,” Riley said. “It has been a challenge to do all of this, but it will be worth it and a real asset to Montgomery County.”

Virgil Yoakum, vice president and general manager of Johnson Development, said it was “privileged” to work with Riley on the donation.

“I look forward to future generations enjoying all of the amenities you plan to build,” Yoakum said. “We have seen the concept plans and we think everyone in our area will benefit. There is a need for these equipments and facilities.

Woodforest is a planned community with 5,500 single family homes, townhouses, luxury homes and patios expected during construction. The development also includes a 27 acre golf course.

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