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A developer named Dominic Szablewski gave the world a new file format with a splendid name: the Quite OK Image Format (QOI).

The file format could be better than that. Szablewski explained that he decided that the world needed a new image format because PNG, JPEG, MPEG, MOV and MP4 “are overflowing with complexity.”

“Every tiny aspect screams ‘design by consortium’,” he added, lamenting the fact that most common codecs are old, closed, and “require huge libraries, are computationally intensive and difficult to use.”

Szablewski thought he could do better and seems to have achieved this goal by preparing code, floating it on GitHub, and paying attention to the over 500 comments he generated.

While Szablewski admits that QOI won’t compress images as well as an optimized PNG encoder, he claims that it “losslessly compresses images to a size similar to PNG, while providing 20x to 50x faster encoding. and faster 3x-4x decoding ”.

More importantly, for Szablewski, the benchmark encoder / decoder fits in about 300 lines of C and the required file format specification is only one page long.

“Over the past few weeks, QOI implementations for many different languages ​​and libraries have popped up,” Szablewski wrote on his blog, along with Zig, Rust, Rust, Rust, Go, TypeScript, Haskell, Ć, Python, C #, Elixir , Swift, Java and Pascal among the options.

“There is a native application for viewing .QOI files, plugins for Gimp, Paint.NET and XnView MP, support in SDL_Image (pending) and many more,” he added.

“With all of this, it looks like QOI might actually end up being a thing, “he wrote.” I don’t expect it to show up in web browsers, where the compression ratio is much higher, anytime soon. But there are use cases in games or d ‘other applications where the performance benefits certainly make sense. ”

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