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Chümoukedima, May 5 (MExN): The Chümoukedima City Youth Organization (CTYO) appealed to the state government for the extension of the inner line to cover Chümoukedima district “as with the Dimapur district branch, the system Inner Line Permit (ILP) has not been covered”.

CTYO, Chairman, Hovise Naleo and Secretary General, Avi Makritsu in a press statement said that even after the notification of the government on 12/09/2019 for the extension of the inner line to the whole district of Dimapur , it has not yet been implemented. Therefore, the government is urged to expedite the process of implementing the ILP system.

The organization also observed that multiple elements have started to emerge again to collect “taxes”, causing difficulties for the business community and the general public in the city of Chümoukedima.

“CTYO will not tolerate anti-social elements and strict measures will be taken against those who engage in illegal requests. The CTYO reaffirmed that it would remain true to the “One Government, One Taxation” statement. Citizens of Chümoukedima unanimously decided to pay tax to only one entity in accordance with the resolution of February 13, 2014, he mentioned.

The CTYO also called on the general public “not to form new unions/organizations that may create a burden on the public in the city of Chümoukedima and to follow the guidelines through the appropriate channel if they are to form a genuine one after a extensive consultation with all stakeholders”.

He said that after the formation of Chümoukedima district, many new unions and organizations have come into existence and doubt the authenticity or the motive behind the formation of some of them.

In addition, he also reiterated that CTYO will not tolerate any activity that disturbs the peace of Chümoukedima City, namely alcohol consumption in public places, drug addiction, rowdy and intoxicated behavior, loud music during small hours and so on, and anyone who does will be dealt with strictly.

Business establishments were advised to check their inventory for expired goods and to refrain from selling such items or any items beyond the MRP.
“Strict action will be taken against defaulters,” he warned.

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