Covenant Health Plainview Auxiliary Launches Annual Christmas Card Project



During the Covid-19 pandemic, the project funded life-saving ventilators and last year the funds received went towards a multimillion-dollar daVinci surgical robot due to arrive in 2023.

This year, the Auxiliary is getting into the heart of Christmas with the purchase of a 15-lead electrocardiogram for Plainview Cardiology Services.

“It’s all about patient satisfaction,” said 2022 Auxiliary President Dianne Ward.

“When it comes to care, we want to keep people close to home. And you do it by having the latest equipment. It is one of the best diagnostic tools you can have for cardiology.

Ward was a registered nurse for 24 years at Covenant Health Plainview before spending the last seven years as part of the auxiliary.

“As a nurse, I’m proud of how far our local hospital has come with the latest equipment,” she said. “This new ECG machine will continue that. We want our Dr. Kevin Jones to have the equipment to diagnose as well as any big city cardiologist.

Electrocardiogram or EKG machines are used to record electrical signals in the heart. It is a painless test used for heart health and quickly detects issues such as irregular heartbeats, blocked arteries and more.

“Rural communities deserve access to the same exceptional capabilities that are granted to large tertiary facilities. We are grateful for these donations from The Auxiliary, which help us in our mission to serve all,” said Cassie Mogg, CEO of Covenant Health Plainview.

“It is amazing to see the generosity of our community and what they have been able to do for our hospital. Their donations over the decades have helped so many of our friends, family and neighbors across West Texas.

The idea behind the Christmas card project is simple. Instead of buying Christmas cards for your loved ones and neighbours, the money is donated to the good cause of this Auxiliary initiative. The money is then used to purchase vital medical equipment for the community.

“And every little bit counts,” Ward said.

Dec. 24, a colorful Christmas card the size of a full newspaper page will be printed in the Plainview Herald listing all donor names with a festive greeting. The Auxiliary group says it’s a great way to say Merry Christmas to friends and family. Also, she will be seen in the Southern Plains as the Christmas card will appear in issues of Abernathy, Hart, Tulia, Floydada and more.

To participate in the Christmas Wishes fundraiser, donations must be mailed to Covenant Health Auxiliary, PO Box 215, Plainview, TX 79072 by December 1. ten. Individuals and businesses who donate $50 or more will be recognized on the Christmas Angel Honor Roll.

Although there is no fixed donation amount, donors traditionally give what they would otherwise have spent on sending greeting cards.

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