Companies see what the Hogan Park project could do for Midland


Progress is underway on the transformation of Hogan Park.

Midland Quality of Place Conservancy board member Lori Merritt Blong said the organization is “more than halfway” to raising the $55 million needed to redevelop the 128-acre park in Northeast Midland.

Pioneer Natural Resources and Diamondback are among the companies that have committed to the park project. Blong said more pledges have been made by companies and organizations that wish to remain anonymous.

“Companies know we have a larger population and they want to create spaces where young people want to be,” Blong said. “They see this as an opportunity to bring spaces together.”

She added that venue-quality projects will help these companies retain employees, build employee pride, and provide the community with a venue for competitive athletic opportunities. She said more tournaments mean more people from all over the region, and that means more business for hotels, restaurants and shops.

“They know we lose tournaments,” Blong said. “They realize Midland should be a prime location to get them. We are not at this time.

Blong also said the reserve has chosen a new executive director who will oversee operations (a public announcement could take place next week, she said). She also told the Reporter-Telegram that an oil and gas company had donated offices and computers to conservation officials. This donation, she said, covers operating costs before the transformation of the park takes place.

Finally, Blong said changes are underway to prioritize “wise water use” in the new Hogan Park. She said more xeriscape-style landscaping is being planned.

Long a popular community magnet for athletics, golf and many other outdoor activities, the $55 million park renovation, including endowment, is a partnership between the city and the Midland Quality of Place Conservancy. The inauguration of the works is scheduled for the winter of 2022, it has already been reported.

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