Bus drivers strike in North Carolina’s largest school system


RALEIGH, NC (AP) – Bus drivers in North Carolina’s largest school system were sick Friday to protest working conditions, prompting administrators to urge parents to organize their own transportation and to warn of similar issues next week.

Officials from the Wake County public school system said 400 of the 600 buses operated by the system were working, media reported. Bus drivers said concerns about overwork and underpayment had not been addressed.

Many parents said their children walked to school or were driven to school when their buses did not show up.

The Wake County system has 160,000 students, and up to half of them take the bus in a typical year.

Wake County Superintendent Cathy Moore and School Board President Keith Sutton sent a message to staff members.

“The wage and salary structure for the work we do is not adequate,” the post read. “Our bus drivers shed a harsh light on this reality. “

Moore and Sutton also said many drivers have to travel up to six routes per day without receiving additional compensation. They said most school staff are in the same situation.

The system also told parents that the bus service for Monday is uncertain and asked families to plan for this possibility.

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