Android 12L Developer Preview is now available for the Lenovo Tab P12 Pro


Last October, Google surprised everyone by announcing Android 12L, an evolution of Android 12 specially designed to be optimized for screens larger than those of phones. We’re talking tablets, foldable devices, and Chrome OS devices.

Fast forward to today and the first Android 12L Developer Preview is available for the Lenovo Tab P12 Pro. A public beta is coming “soon”, for this tablet as well as for Pixel devices – Android 12L will also arrive as an update on phones, although its main purpose is to focus on more important things.

If you are a developer, you can grab Lenovo’s Android 12L Developer Preview version from this special website here. The release includes the security patch level of November 1, 2021, and Lenovo says Android 12L is “the first Android operating system optimized for the big screen with new APIs for app developers to provide a better experience. to use applications in landscape mode, including easier multitasking, system user interface optimization and more “. Maybe someone should tell them about Android 3.0 Honeycomb?

Anyway, if you are a developer who owns a Lenovo Tab P12 Pro (what are the chances of that?) Then you can go here for installation instructions (scroll down to until you reach the “Ready to start?” section). If you are a consumer it goes without saying that you should not try this version on your Tab P12 Pro as this is a very early preview and a lot of things may not work at all. On top of that, the bugs should be widespread.

Lenovo has published a list of current known issues with this release, which include fingerprint authentication not working, face unlock too, pen button not supported, multi-finger touchpad are not. work, VPN may not work properly, and WiDi and Miracast do not work at all. Certainly not for the faint of heart, then.

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