AMD Hires Another Open Source GPU Driver Developer With Multimedia Expertise


It’s great to see AMD continue to hire more Linux/open-source driver developers. Beyond their many roles they are still working to fill on the CPU side of the house, they have a new vacancy for hiring their stack of open-source GPU drivers with a focus on multimedia efforts .

AMD is looking for another multimedia expert to join its team of “open source GPU drivers for Linux” which they say is used by Steam Deck and Tesla Model S, as well as being hugely popular among GPU enthusiasts. Linux games after open source drivers.

They are looking for another engineer who can contribute Linux and Mesa kernel for AMD GPUs. Besides the media experience like around VA-API and more generally with video codecs and other media processing knowledge, OpenGL and Vulkan will also come into play. (Hopefully we will eventually see good support for Vulkan Video by AMD once Vulkan Video specifications are ratified and extended to cover AV1 and others…)

Thanks to Linux-using design wins from Tesla, the Valve Steam Deck, and more, AMD is recruiting more Linux GPU driver developers, in addition to their continued Linux recruiting to support Ryzen and EPYC efforts.

Either way, check out this job posting for more details on AMD’s Linux multimedia engineering needs.

Other than that, AMD is continuing many other current Linux jobs on the CPU side of the company to work on virtualization, QA, CXL, and other kernel engineering roles.

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