Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture to Design First Project in Egypt’s New Administrative Capital


CAIRO, April 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — World Renowned Architect Adrian Smith with his partners Gordon Gill and Robert Forest, representing their international design firm, Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture (AS+GG Architecture), will design his first project in egypt New Administrative Capital (NAC) with their partner, Magnom Properties, the newly created real estate arm of Saudi Rawabi Holding.

Architect Adrian Smith visits Egypt’s new administrative capital

This was announced following a meeting of Adrian Smith with the doctor Mostafa Madbouly the prime minister of Egypt and senior Egyptian officials. He also visited various developments including the CNA, which is set to be the new administrative and financial capital of the country.

AS+GG Architecture is exploring the possibility of working on additional projects in the country, including the design of an upcoming project at NAC.

Adrian Smith celebrated the scale of construction and accomplishments at NAC, adding that Egypt has captivated the world with his forward-thinking approach and deep knowledge, which has left a strong impression on people around the world.

He said, “We look forward to partnering with Magnom Properties to develop another architectural marvel at NAC. NAC’s new megaprojects will play a major role in shaping the capital’s future to be more people-centric by adopting the highest standards of sustainability, highlighting the need to achieve carbon neutrality by as a strategic priority.”

As part of the visit, the team visited the site of the iconic tower, a skyscraper anchoring the capital, which is expected to be the tallest building in Africa when finished.

During the last years, Egypt designed and developed an urban capital that meets the needs of the community. The development includes residential neighborhoods, educational and religious institutions, and medical facilities, as well as having the largest park in the world.

The urban designs are unique in their modern outlook by preserving the rich cultural heritage of Egypt the same time. The New Administrative Capital offers all the necessary services, thus offering a model for future cities.

Today, architects such as AS+GG Architects are more invested in the human-centered experience, and design concepts consider the relationship between structures and people’s needs. This will be reflected in the company’s new design.

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