40-acre solar panel project in Old Alton Landfill finally progressing


ALTON – After a year and a half, the solar panel project in Alton is starting.

In March 2021, under former Mayor Brant Walker, the city announced a partnership with Ameresco to build a 40-acre solar array at the northwest corner of Alby Street and Industrial Drive.

The large flat area is known locally as Old Alton Landfill. As the site is a former landfill, the land cannot be dug up and concrete slabs will need to be poured to level the area for the planned solar panel.

Ameresco, a cleantech integrator with offices in St. Louis and Springfield, Illinois, will lease the site from the city. It will also design, develop, finance, build and operate the solar facility without direct city funding. The company will also work with Alton’s Cool Cities Committee.

A public hearing on the project is scheduled for Tuesday, July 12 at 1:15 p.m. at Alton City Hall, 101 E. 3rd St., to discuss funding opportunities for the project.

Mayor David Goins said he was excited about the progress of the project.

“It will be a big glow for our city if we can achieve this,” he said. “It will add another option and provide potential savings for people.”


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